History: MOMS Racing is the brainchild of Dr. Jamie Meyer of Naples, NY who had a crazy idea back in 1994 that a HEADS-UP, PRO-TREE drag race format could be supported in Upstate NY. Two events were held that first year (1994) with a modest turnout of about 15 cars. The early members and founders of this group of Mustang crazies could never have imagined how this would grow to the point where it is today. In both 1995 and 1996 we held four events and one awards event with group photos ending up in several national magazines. With attendance of up to 85 cars, we basically took over the whole track with performances from the high 15’s through the low 9’s. What was really nuts was how the guys (and gals) poured money and labor into their cars to improve for the next event. 13-second cars became 11-second cars and 11-second cars became 9-second cars, all in a quest to be the best. Format: All races are held at Empire Dragway in Leicester, NY The format is simple, exciting, and sure beats the heck out of bracket racing. The organization is restricted to 1979 and newer Mustangs, Capri’s, and F-150 Lightning trucks with any Windsor or modular motor of any dimension. There are separate classes for street-tired, D. O. T. (drag) radial-tired, and slick-tired vehicles. Any and all power adders are welcome, subject to track safety rules. Each competitor makes three qualifying passes and one competition run for a total of four passes (weather and time permitting). The best qualifying RT is used to sort the cars from the fastest to the slowest with the slowest pair (or single if the number of cars is odd) going first in competition. Theres is a 2 tenths/ 2 mph breakout rule to discourage sand baggers (which has rarely been a problem). Because of the number of cars, the pairings are usually pretty close, so all have a chance to win their match race on the PRO-TREE. Red lights are rare and nobody needs to hit the brakes. Points are awarded for qualifying position to encourage you to go faster. A win is worth points as well as “specials” like “Fastest Reaction Time in Competition”. A newsletter is published several times per year including after each event.
About MOMS Racing
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Welcome to the MOMS Racing Home of the longest running heads up Pro-Tree Mustang on Mustang racing in the country.