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Next MOMS is August 11th
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Welcome to the MOMS Racing Home of the longest running heads up Pro-Tree Mustang on Mustang racing in the country.
From Mel: MOMS second points race is in the books!! While it was a lighter than normal crowd due to it being a raindate & some of our regulars being in Illinois for the NMRA race, it was still a great night of racing!! The track was great! As Pat Budd said 'that track has teeth'! Thanks to the Empire staff for great prep of the track for the racers!! Courtney Pawlak seems to be pretty comfortable driving her new to her car, carrying on the Pawlak tradition with her dad's old Street Limited car. Once again, Courtney won the Fastest Street Tired trophy. Making the trip from PA, Tom Carpenter was back after a short hiatus and managed to be 2nd in the Street Limited class, right behind Cliff Rafter! Friends Tony Morgan and John Chapman were paired up in the final with Chapman hoping to take the win and of course, the bragging rights but he fell short giving Tony the win. With Craig Trudell breaking a throttle cable, he wasn't able to make the final leaving the 3rd (Dick Liuzzi) & 5th (Ken Grover) place qualifiers to battle it out. Ken couldn't make up the difference giving Liuzzi the win. The top two competitors were Paul Clark (#1) and Aaron Close (#2). Aaron was at a disadvantage with his qualifying time of 9.68 against Paul's 9.55. This race was won by Aaron's reaction time! Aaron finished with a 9.71 to Paul's 9.67 but Aaron's reaction time of .0130 was enough to win the race. As the rule has always been, MOMS awards only one trophy per person so Aaron Close was awarded the Fastest in Competition leaving the Best Reaction time to Dick Liuzzi. David Hilner was there to capture some great shots of our racers! He also gave gift certificates as door prizes. ROC Guy Detail donated 3 car care buckets as door prizes as well. ROC Guy Detail plans to be at our next race on August 11th to demonstrate & promote his products. Thank you to Empire Dragway for a great track and a smooth running program! Please remember to support those that support MOMS Racing. **See everyone on Friday August 11th for our 3rd points race of the season!!**
Welcome MOMs Racing's newest Sponsor Roc Guy Detail! Check the forum for details.