2017 Points System
The MOMS Racing Grand Champion and Runners Up will be determined using the following point system. MOMS Racing reserves the right to adjust or change this point system in any way to maintain even competition. 1. To be eligible for the Point Series, each racer must have competed in at least one MOMS Racing event within a given season. 2. The MOMS Racing Point Series for each event will be based on car count. 3. The first way to earn points is during the Qualifying rounds. We will award the #1 Qualifier with a point value equal to the total number of Mustangs entered in that day’s event. The #2 Qualifier will receive a point value of 1 less than this number. And so on down the ladder. For example: in a 100 car field, the #1 Qualifier would receive 100 pts #2 would get 99 pts. #3 would get 98 pts. etc. Therefore, it is important for you to qualify as fast as you can to receive the maximum amount of points possible. Obviously, in a large field of Mustangs, the point value will be higher than in a smaller field. This part of our point system favors the faster Mustangs. 4. The second way to earn points is during the Elimination round. Each pair of racers will be racing for the same number of points in the Elimination round. The point value of a win will be one half the total number of Mustangs entered in that day’s event, rounded up to the next whole number. This way the 2 fastest Mustangs, as well as the 2 slowest Mustangs are racing for the same point value. The loser of each race will receive 0 points. For example: In a 100 car field, the winner of the race between the #1 qualifier and the #2 qualifier would receive 50 points.(1/2 the total car count) The winner of the race between the #99 qualifier and #100 qualifier would also receive 50 points. (losers receive 0 points.) This system stresses the value of a win. It also adds a great deal of parity to the field since a consistent, but slower Mustang can pile up the points if he wins at all MOMS Racing events. A #1 Qualified ”Hand-grenade” that shows up and wins one MOMS Racing event will not likely rank very high in our Point System. This part of our point system favors the consistent Mustang that wins. 5. Bonus Points (for Elimination Round appearance only) will be awarded for: #1 Qualifier.............................+5 pts Best Reaction Time..................+5 pts Any .400 - .499 RT. .................+2 pts 6. Penalty Points: Since the whole premise of MOMS Racing is to get a lot of Mustangs together in one place and have a good time, the following rules will be instituted: Those Mustangs that choose to race at MOMS Racing, but do not meet our rules (either by weight, lack of mufflers, or class designation) will be subjected to the following penalty points: Mustangs that don’t make weight............minus 25% win. (cannot set a MOMS Racing record) Mustangs w/o mufflers............................minus 25% win. (cannot set a MOMS Racing record) This means that a Mustang found to be “illegal” for the above 2 reasons will still be able to compete at MOMS Racing, but their point totals will be severely handicapped. If a Mustang continues to be found illegal, the drivers points are subject to removal for the points race.   7. Points go with the driver, not the car. In other words, if a driver cannot make a race, another driver cannot take his/her place and earn points on behalf of the original driver. Points are not transferable from class to class. If you run in more than one class, your points earned stay in the class that they were earned in.
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