MOMS Racing Rules 2016
1. MOMS Racing is a non-profit organization of racers just like you, that have spent a great deal of time and money strictly to     promote the sport of heads-up, pro-tree, 5.0/4.6/4/0 Mustang drag racing. Constructive criticism is encouraged. Cry babies     are not. If you can’t live with our very simple format. then go bracket race! 2. Eligible cars include those Ford Mustangs and Mercury Capri’s produced from 1979 to the present and SVT F150 Lightning     trucks. Small block Ford, modular motor, or any factory Mustang engines from ‘79 to and newer only. No big blocks. Power     adders are welcome. Full interior, Street-type Mustangs are encouraged. No full tube chassis cars allowed unless its for     exhibition purposes, but back-half cars are permitted in some classes. Maximum measured tread width of rear tire not to     exceed 15.5 inches. MOMS Racing reserves the right to alter these very liberal rules in the name of even competition. 3. All racers must pass track safety inspection. i. e. Helmet, roll bars, safety harnesses. 4. Weight limit Rule: See classes. 5 Muffler Rule: Your Mustang must have a closed exhaust system that includes mufflers. Not only does this rule lend    itself to the street nature of the organization, but by all the indications the national sanctioning bodies are mandating this for    all classes of competition. (See: Penalty Points) 6. Heads-up! .4 Pro-Tree! Just like the big boys! 7. Staging at Pro-tree: Courtesy Staging: Both drivers must be pre-staged before either car may be placed in a staged position.    This allows both drivers and even chance to stage their Mustang. 8. There will be 3 rounds of qualifying. You are encouraged to run at least 2 of the 3 qualifying rounds. You cannot change     classes after the first round of qualifying has started unless they put you in the wrong class. 9. You will be placed onto the MOMS Racing ladder according to your best qualifying pass. This is your index. It is important that      you qualify as fast as you can to get the maximum amount of points. (See: Points System) 10. After the 3rd qualifying round, and before the Elimination round, all drivers will be required to check in with the MOMS      Racing officials base of the tower and tell us that you intend to run in the Elimination round. This is to prevent single runs      where the opponent has broke or has left early. There will be no exceptions to this rule. If you don’t check-in, you will not      be called for the Elimination round. 11. There will be 1 and only 1 Elimination round! Racers will be matched up, #1 qualifier vs #2 qualifier and so on down the       ladder. The guarantees  that you will have a heads-up, pro-tree race against the closest performing competitor on the       property, regardless of modifications, races will be close, competitive, and full of fun and excitement. 12. If you are unable to make the call for the Elimination Round, PLEASE let the MOMS Racing representative know!! This       information is necessary so that we can match the ladder correctly during the Elimination Round. ( There will be no single       runs during the Elimination Round, except as per rule #13). IF you do not report as being ready for competition you will not       be called for the final Elimination Round, you will still receive the points for your best qualifying effort. 13. In the event of an odd number of entrants, the slowest qualifier will have a single run during the Elimination round. 14. Sand Bagger Rule: There is a two/two breakout rule in effect! If you go more than two-tenths quicker or 2 mph faster than       your index, you will be determined the loser. If both cars  go below their index by this amount the racer closest to his index       will be declared the winner. Let’s qualify as fast as we can so the ladder stays competitive. (The only exception to this rule is       between the top 2 qualifiers. If you are the #2 qualifier, and you want to step up your Mustang more than two-tenths or 2       mph in an effort to beat the #1 Qualifier-- Go For It!!) We don’t like to having to use this rule, but some people are       intentionally holding back til eliminations to try and guarantee a win instead of leaving it up to the driving skill and reaction       time. 15. For purposes of determining year end results. and championships, drivers will be considered to be in the fastest class they       participated in for the given season. Remember: The points are not transferable from class to class. If you run in more than       one class, your points earned stay in the class they were earned in. The order of classes from the slowest to fastest for the       purpose of this rule is: STREET, STREET LIMITED, STREET EXTREME, D. O. T., NATURALLY ASPIRATED, POWER  ADDER. 16. MOMS Racing reserves the rights to randomly inspect cars for rules violations. Any racer that refuses to subject their car to a       visual or mechanical inspection (Not a tear down) may have their points forfeited and be removed from the racing program. 17. Protest procedure: If you want to protest another competitor’s Mustang, for any reason, you must bring this to the attention      of a MOMS Racing official before the 3rd round of qualifying. The protested driver will be made aware of who is protesting      and for what at the time of the vehicle inspection. ( See Penalty points )      Warning!! Do not get carried away with protesting each other’s Mustangs. There are trophies and a lot of pride on the line,      but it’s not worth the sanity of the MOMS Racing staff or making enemies of your competitors.           The bottom line is to be safe and have a great time!! Enjoy the competition.
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