Steve Bartholomew     At 66 Steve is one of MOMS eldest active racers. Married to his wife Ellen for 32 years, Steve’s racing desire goes way back to 1970’s when he started racing with an AAR Cuda with a 426 Hemi. Steve  has always loved racing, street and strip although now days it’s just the strip. One of his favorites was a 67 GTO.    Steve is the owner operator of B& B Auto Sales in Mt Morris which was started by his father many years ago. If you need a quality used car, talk to Steve.    Steve started with MOMs in 2011 with a 1992 Hatchback. It has a 347ci. With a 175 shot of Nitrous even though you wouldn’t know it. That was the theme of the day as we were cracking up pretty much the entire time I was there.  We’ll get back to that Nitrous thing in a moment.    At first Steve had the mustang set up as a street/strip car but has matured a little and realized that if he wanted to stay in the good with the local police that the car was a little too much for the road and is now strictly a race car. Steve and Chuck Hoehn are the ones who built this machine as they did the cage, body work and paint and engine on this blue machine. Steve went all out with the custom interior.     So back to this Nitrous thing. This past season the boys decided they wanted to see what this thing would do with a 175 shot.  Steve staged the car and purged the Nitrous lines and it all looked good. Chuck and Shane were there with a camera ready to catch a great launch as they figured the front end would come well off the ground. The light flashed green and it was the smoothest launch you ever saw. Shane turned to Chuck and said “I don’t think he sprayed.” That was when he learned that you have to push the pedal to the floor for the Nitrous system to engage. That explains why he didn’t have to refill the tank for 3 races.       All kidding aside you better be on your “A” game when you line up against Steve. This guy is pretty mean on the tree and has more than a couple of trophies for his reaction times.      Currently, Steve and his son purchased an 88 Hatchback from Florida that they are planning on putting  together for Steve’s son to make his debut in the 2013 season with MOMs. Watch for 2 generations of the Bartholomew’s this year.
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