1/4 Mile Time (E/T)   11.50 - 13.99    Auto Trans Reverse Lockout    Driver Restraint System SFI 16.1 (Convertibles only)    Helmet (Snell 95 or 41.1A min)    Liquid Overflow Bottle    Roll Bar (Convertibles only at 13.49)    Working Tail Lights    (IHRA) Driveshaft Loop Required With Slicks    (IHRA) Valid Drivers License Except Jr Dragsters 11.00 - 11.49    11.50 - 13.99 Requirements Plus:    Arm Restraints (Open cars)    Bellhousing (SFI 6.1 / 6.2)    Driver Restraints For All Vehicles (SFI 16.1)    Driveshaft Safety Loop    Flywheel and Clutch (SFI 1.1 / 1.2)    Roll Bar and Padding For All Vehicles    Protective Clothing (3.2A / 1)    (IHRA) Mounted Fire Extinguisher    (IHRA) Flywheel Flexplate Shield (Automatic) 10.00 - 10.99    11.00 - 11.49 Requirements Plus:    Aftermarket Rear Axles    Harmonic Balancer (SFI 18.1)    Master Electrical Cut-Off  At 135 MPH    Parachute At 150 MPH    Roll Cage For Convertibles    Transmission Shield (SFI 4.1) Automatic
7.50 - 9.99   10.00 - 10.99 Requirements Plus:   Automatic Transmission Flexplate (SFI 29.1)   Automatic Flexplate Shield (SFI 30.1)   Jacket, Pants, Neck Collar, Gloves   Master Electrical Cut-Off   NHRA Competition License   NHRA Chassis Sticker   (IHRA) Competition License   On-Board Fire System   Parachute (2 Required Above 200 MPH)   Roll Cage At 135 MPH   SFI Chassis Specification At 180 MPH   Window Net On Full Body Vehicles 6.00 - 7.49   7.50 - 9.99 Requirements Plus:   Roll Cage   SFI Chassis Specification   Supercharger Restraints
This is a quick overview of NHRA & IHRA rules. This will help guide you in passing your next tech inspection. *Please refer to the NHRA and IHRA rule books for the most current and up to date information. MOMS Racing urges you to not rely on this list to be a complete mandate.
MOMS Racing Safety Summary  This is a brief summary of the safety rules. IHRA rules and track rules and the judgment of Empire Dragway officials are the final word in any question about what is and what is not legal. This is provided only for the convenience of the MOMS racers. MOMS Racing will not be held responsible for any erroneous content. * It is up to you to make sure you comply with the rules. * Basic Car Safety: Battery strongly secured. Good tires, all lug nuts in place. No loose parts that may fall off the car. a catch can, overflow tank or method to make sure coolant cannot leak onto the track. No leaking fluids. Drive-shaft Loop required: On any car using slicks, recommended on any car using a sticky tire.
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