All times are tentative. In the event of an oil-down, there may be delays. All drivers must be in the proper staging lanes 10 minutes prior to the times listed above to ensure eliminations run as close to their scheduled times as possible. Please listen to the radio (104.9fm) or park near a PA speaker to hear the announcements and line-ups for the final round. The night’s awards and give-aways always follow the last round of competition, so please stick around! Specialty nights will have additional awards for those invited competitors. Even if you don’t think you qualified for anything there are always random drawings for all the night’s competitors, so stick around and meet your fellow drivers at the base of the timing tower! AWARDS A huge MOMS Racing trophy will be awarded at each MOMS Racing event for the following: 1. Quickest Street Tired 2. Quickest Street Limited 3. Quickest Street Extreme 4. D. O. T. 4. Quickest Naturally Aspirated 5. Quickest Power Adder      ** The winners of the above described trophies will be determined for the best performance of the racers during the qualifying rounds. Elimination Round will determine the following trophies only.** 6. Best Reaction Time in the Elimination Round. 7. Fastest in Competition. Winner of the race between the top 2 qualifiers. An official MOMS Racing dash plaque will be awarded to the top 5 qualifiers in each class at each MOMS Racing event. Plaques will be awarded to the top twenty qualifiers at each “Invitational” event. In addition to the awards available at each MOMS Racing event, we will also have some awesome goodies up for grabs in our Point Series. No racer will receive more than one trophy, so occasionally the trophy for a given category will be given to the second-best performer. Best of luck to everyone!!
                    2017 Schedule Fri. May 19th   Invite Race Fri. June 16th Fri. July  14th  Fri. Aug. 11th Fri. Sept. 8th ** Invite race is open to brand X vehicles to run in      the MOMS Program. Non points race
    Normal Friday Night MOMS events: Gates open                                5:30pm. First Qualifying round                   7:15pm Second Qualifying round               8:15pm Third Qualifying round 9:15pm Final Elimination round 10:00pm Awards and Give-aways 11:00pm
    Weekend daytime MOMS events: Gates open 11:00am Test & Tune starts 12:00pm First qualifying round 1:15pm Second qualifying round 2:15pm Third qualifying round 3:15pm Final Elimination round 4:00pm Awards and Give-aways 5:00pm
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Welcome to the MOMS Racing Home of the longest running heads up Pro-Tree Mustang on Mustang racing in the country.