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Next MOMS is September 8th!
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Welcome to the MOMS Racing Home of the longest running heads up Pro-Tree Mustang on Mustang racing in the country.
Final Race recap from Aaron Close: 'Once again only 3 Corning crew competitors & this time we had even less support with some of the crew going kart racing (priorities out of whack). Same cast of characters for moms racers with the exception of the return of Jason Doty & his sn95 mustang. Sara Collins continues to enjoy the new clutch & slave combo. She did have trouble resting the car at the lights but was able to overcome those issues and will figure it out. She ran her fastest times to date qualifying with a 12.70. In the final she once again gad a little trouble rolling through beams but drove around her competitor with a blistering 12.43 @ 111. She broke out, but is happy! My partner in crime Ken Grover spent all season wrenching & tuning and adjusting bitching, pissing, & moaning (mostly not listening to me). He had 1 goal in mind for his little 306 to run a 9 second pass. Well off the trailer he accomplished that goal. Then the car decided it had enough of that stuff & went back too being buggy with a nitrous delay. He had a extreme uphill battle in final vs Paul Clark & with the delay in the sauce he lost in final. But he was able to win the Power Adder championship so congratulations Ken you deserve it. As for me & the silver bullet we had a win lose final race. Laid down best time ever qualified #2 overall with a 9.58. Sometime in between 2nd & 3rd qualifier the low reverse band adjuster decided it would relieve itself of its duties. I was paired vs Jason in final but with the trans bleeding I was unable to make the call. It was between me & Dick for grand champion & Dick takes it home gongrats to him he deserves It.' Thanks to everyone at Empire Dragway & all the MOMs staff for all hard work. Thanks David Hilner for awesome pics. Hope to see everyone next year. **See everyone on at the MOMs Banquet! We will post more info when it is released.**
Congratulations to Richard (Dick) Liuzzi, our Grand Chamption! Check the forum for details.