MOMS Racing - 2018
After 24 years of action, it's time for an overhaul for our 25th season
More info coming soon, so stay tuned!

Welcome to The Evolution

MOMS is no longer Mustang only!
We are still a .4 tree heads-up racing organization, but are opening up the fun to all brands.  We also recognize that many of the faster cars out there only compete 1/8 mile, so those are the major changes to the new format.

Street Tired 1/4 mile
Modern Muscle Car 1/4 mile

Small Tired 1/8 mile
Unlimited 1/8 mile

2018 Race Dates:
MAY 11th (no points night)
JUNE 22th
JULY 13th

Q: Same format?
A: YES! 3 rounds of qualifying then 1 elimination round racing heads up against your closest qualifying competitor. Simple rules and heads-up .4 Pro-tree format with 2 tenths 2 mph break out rule. All vehicles must meet safety requirements of track.​
Q: Will the 1/4 and 1/8 mile classes compete for the same qualifying points?
A: No!  We will have 2 Qualifying lists, one for each distance.  There will be a top 1/4 mile Qualifier and a top 1/8 mile Qualifier and each of them will receive the max points based on car count.
Q: Can I run my AWD/4x4 vehicle in street?
A: No.  AWD & 4x4 vehicles are to run in Modern Muscle no matter what tires they use.
Q: Can I run a Carburetor in Street or Modern Muscle?
A: Yes!  You can run a carburetor in both classes.  The only type of fuel delivery that is not allowed is Aftermarket Fuel Injection.
Q: What classes can I run with a back-half car?
A: You can run either Small Tire or Unlimited with a car that has Mini Tubs or Back-Half

Street Tired Class: 1/4 mile
-Bolt on type modifications are OK, no engine swaps
-4 or 6 cylinders with factory power adders are OK
-No power adders even if factory equipped for 8 cylinder engines
-Gasoline and diesel powered vehicles only
-Must have DOT approved street radial OEM type tires only, no drag radials or R rated type tires
-Any transmission
-No altered chassis vehicles, No mini tubs
-Any rear end OK
-No AWD or 4WD vehicles
-Must be factory appearing street car/truck- full factory interior, rear seat delete OK
-Must have current registration & inspection

Modern Muscle Car Class: 1/4 mile
-Limit one power adder type, methanol injection is not considered a power adder
-Any fuel type including E85
-Engine swaps OK
-Any drag radial OK. 10.5 or smaller slick
-Any transmission
-No altered chassis vehicles, no mini tubs
-Any rear end OK
-Must be factory appearing street car/truck- factory dash in place, rear seat delete OK
-Equipped with factory type fuel injection
-AWD and 4WD OK
-Any radial, drag radial, R rated tire, Slicks and DOT bias ply tires OK
-Max tire size 275 radial on 15"-17" wheels, Max tire size 28x10.5 Slicks/bias ply (regardless of wheel diameter) no W tires-. 18" and up wheel sizes can run larger than 275 radial

Small Tired Class: 1/8 mile
-All engines combinations allowed big blocks and engine swaps OK
-Limit one power adder type, methanol injection is not considered a power adder, twin turbos OK
-Any fuel type
-No tube chassis
-Any drag radial up to 275 OK. 10.5 or smaller slick no W, mini-tubs allowed, notched frame to clear tires OK
-Any transmission
-No back half or ladder bar, must have stock style rear suspension, coil-overs OK
-Any rear end OK
-Must be factory appearing street car/truck- must have carpet, rear seat delete OK. Aftermarket seats allowed
-Must have factory appearing door panels and headliner

Unlimited Class: 1/8 mile
-Any engine size or power adder combination OK
-Engine swaps OK
-Any fuel type
-Any chassis permitted
-Wheel tubs OK
-Any drag radial or slick OK
-Any transmission
-Any rear end OK
-Wheelie bars OK
-Must have vin number
-CJ and Copo type cars OK
-Must have Steel roof and qrt panels, light weight body panels permitted
-No dragsters or altered
-Stock wheel base +/- 1” of factory