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Next MOMS is Friday August 5th

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Welcome to the MOMS Racing Home of the longest running heads up Pro-Tree Mustang on Mustang racing in the country.
   MOMS July race tempted fate with the weather. As it turned out the weather was great. I think the threatening weather we had throughout the day kept some people away from the track so our car count was down a little with 46 racers. Bad air and not so great track kept the times and speeds a little off but we had some great competition. Doug Vanstrom was best in competition with a 7.61@ 178mph while lifting and Joe Pawlak had best reaction time with a .072 light. In the finals it was Doug Vanstrom vs Mark Town. Both cars were off like rockets. Mark got out about 100ft and started spinning his tires real bad and had to lift. Doug continued on down the track but he also ended up lifting. As the story goes, all of a sudden Doug started seeing flames out the side of his car. So he let off afraid he really hurt the motor. After turning off the track and coming to a stop Doug's heart was in his throat and didn't want to get out of the car to see how bad he had hurt his beast. Doug got out and looked. Whew!!! False alarm The amber front marker light had popped out and was flopping around on the wires and it was the amber light he intermittently saw. Understandable when your flying along at 160+ mph. So much for our adventures for this go round. Everyone gets a month off as we don't meet again until August 5th.    Special feature for next month is a rematch event. Grudge Race #2 for the fastest photographer at Empire. Ron Rigby laid down the challenge for a rematch of our fabled bicycle race. You don't want to miss this heads up pro tree 300ft race. The gloves are off. Til then.