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Welcome to the MOMS Racing Home of the longest running heads up Pro-Tree Mustang on Mustang racing in the country.
   2017 Race schedule is now posted so everyone that needs to can schedule any vacations needed. We hope everyone is having a good off season with their projects and improvements with their cars. I know many will be surprised at the improvements that Jerry has been making at the track during the off season. Our first race of the season will be our Invite Race. This is more of a shakedown for everyone to get their cars out and blow the dust off and find out how rusty they are at the tree. That race will be May 19th Our first points race will be June 16th Followed by our July race on the 14th. August race will be on the 11th. and our final points race will be Sept 8th. That is always a great race as we always have at least a couple divisions up for grabs. If you get a chance this year whether watching or racing.
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